CareLink Program

CareLink Emergency Preparedness

CARE LINK EP is a special outreach program that focuses on home safety, emergency preparedness planning and emergency resources available for our community. Based on the simple premise of knowledge = power, this program encompasses critical elements and information provided by our Police Department as well as our County Office of Emergency Services, State Emergency Management Office and the Department of Homeland Security to strengthen Orangetown’s ability to react, respond and manage emergency situations, especially large scale disasters and weather related emergencies. A Town of Orangetown Emergency Preparedness Resource Guide has been developed that is informative and beneficial to members of our community which highlights some Local, State and Federal resources, provide tips for home safety, fire prevention and safety tips, home and car emergency preparedness tips, utility safety information, and homeland security issues. It is also the intent of this program to allow for the community to benefit from important information which can be provided by our local emergency services, Town Officials, and other County, State and Federal experts and organizations in this field in “Town Hall Meeting” style forums that can be coordinated for the community.

CareLink Kids

An outreach program focused on increasing education and awareness for parents, grandparents and guardians on topics focused on child health, safety and security. CARE LINK Kids symposiums are offered throughout the Town in partnership and with the support of the Town’s school district’s and parent teacher associations. Symposiums can be scheduled for groups and organizations by our community’s EMS providers and the Orangetown Police Department. In addition to the symposiums, a Child Safety Kit is provided. This program has also enabled kits to be sent home with elementary students in our local school districts. The Child Safety Kit includes a home child identification kit for DNA, fingerprints and pertinent information. The Kit also includes a Resource Guide containing beneficial information, tips and phone numbers for a variety of issues concerning child safety, health and security. 911 stickers, bookmarks, W.H.A.L.E. information (car seat safety stickers), a bicycle safety blinking reflector light, a Child Emergency Identification and Medical Treatment Consent Form, Checklist for Babysitters and Quick Reference Emergency Guide are also included Here.